Are Apple Watch Straps Interchangeable?

If you're Apple Watch strap is getting old, worn or you are just plain bored of it, you may have wondered if Apple Watch Straps can be changed? The short answer is yes, Apple Watch straps are interchangeable and can be swapped out for different styles of straps. 

How to change an Apple Watch Strap

while it may be difficult to change the strap on traditional watches or even other smart watches, this isn't the case for the Apple Watch. On of the key parts of the Apple Watch's design is that the straps can be changed very easily.  So how to do it? 

Step One: Remove the Apple Watch from your wrist and turn it over. If you're placing your watch down on a table or surface, make sure you don't scratch the screen. 

Step Two: The Apple Watch strap is removed in two pieces from the bottom and top of the watch. Looking at the back of the watch, locate the two small buttons ( one at the top & one at the bottom) 

Step Three: Starting at either the top or the bottom of the watch, press in the release button. As you do this, side the watch strap out of the Apple Watch. Then repeat. 

That's it. To insert a strap into the Apple Watch, simply slide the connecter end into the groove. Just make sure it's the right way up. 

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