Summer style tips for men to look their best.

Summer style tips for men to look their best.

 SumGentleman, our South African summer is just around the corner and now is the time to start piecing together those clothing items which will take your style and comfort to the next level, while making you feel great at the same time. 

We've stolen a few tips from to bring you some great ideas for the upcoming summer. 

1. Dress up while dressing down.

Especially with the SA heat, wearing a business casual outfit can be tough. So you'll need to find clothing that is appropriate but comfortable at the same time.

For the legs, a good option is dark khaki shorts or pants depending on the occasion. They're a basic essential because they can be dressed up or down to match whatever you're trying to achieve.

You'll want to the pair this with a patterned button-up shirt, short or long sleeve.  If you're going long-sleeve, give those sleeves a slight roll for added style. 

2. Invest in Birkenstocks

These have been around for a while and continue to be a hot trend. They're a great choice for guys who are not big fans of flip flops but don't feel like wearing closed-toe shoes in the heat. 

They're comfortable and easy to slip on and off, which makes them great for run-arounds, beach days and markets.

A man wearing high socks and Birkenstocks

#3: Dressy go-to sneaker is a must. 

While sneakers don't initially come to mind as dressy, they're becoming an essential in mens fashion.  a neutral tone sneaker adds fun but also stays professional when paired with any business-casual outfit. 

Aim to have a few pairs. Try different styles like all-white, grey or a black and white combo. The key here is to have a pair you can match easily with anything. 

A man with his feet hanging off a pier wearing grey sneakers.

#4:  festive swimwear 

Exciting and eye catching swimwear for men is a must, and fortunately there are plenty of options available. Swim trunks offer multiple benefits because they can be used for swimming and around the pool, but also work as a stylish pair of shorts. 

Choose a few pairs with fun designs, and then a few pairs in neutral colours like pale pinks and blues which can then double as casual shorts.


#5: Sport a trusty white short-sleeve button-up.

Whether you're going on a date or just needing a dressy outfit, white button-ups are the go to. If you're looking for an easy and stylish look, invest in some quality button-ups from leading brands and use them for any summer fancy or causal event.

You can dress it up with boat shoes or dress it down with sneakers. 

A man wearing a white button-up and stylish shades

#6: Bold eccentric patterns.

Bold, fun patterns are a great way to show off your personality and can be a great convo starter as well. Tees, polos or shorts with fun patterns that have a little pizzazz but are not too crazy is what you're looking for. 

Avoid items with have too much going on, for example, aim for a t-short or shorts which have a neutral colour and simple design like the image below

Two pink patterned shirts hang next to each other on a wall

#7:  Comfy and dressy shorts.

You can never have enough of these. Brands are now giving athletic shorts a business-casual look and they're generally made from materials that will bring you comfort on our hot days. Pairs in neutral colours will match just about any top, so aim or them! 

Spend a little here and invest in 3-5 pairs so you can wear them for years to come. 

#8: sunglass straps — the one accessory you never knew you needed.

Sunglass straps are the one thing you’ll be happy you purchased this summer, knowing your shades  are safe from being dropped in the water, or on the floor and scratched. 

They're not only practical, but can also bring a unique style to you look. 

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