Which is the best Apple Watch strap for you?

Which is the best Apple Watch strap for you?

When it comes to purchasing a new Apple Watch strap, you may find it quite daunting with all the options available.  After all, what works for your friend or another family member, may not work for you. On top of this, most straps cater to different needs, such as exercise or formality.  

Here we're going to discuss the different types of Apple Watch straps you can buy, and both the benefits and disadvantages. 


Silicone Sport Strap

The silicone sport strap is the standard strap which most Apple Watches come with out of the box.  It's the most versatile option but it is not only comfortable, but also very durable and works well even when exercising. 

If you're looking for a strap that can handle most things you throw at it, then the Silicone Sports Strap is probably it. Another benefit is that they're available in so many different colours, so you'll definitely find something you like. 

On the other hand, they can become quite boring over time, and most Apple Watch users wear them which makes it difficult to standout or be unique, if that's what you're going for. 

Nylon Sport Loop

Next on the list of popular straps is the Nylon Sport Loop. The unique differences here are that the Nylon Sport Loop is made entirely from an absorbent nylon material, which makes it great for sweat and moisture. Nylon Sport Loops secure to the wrist via an adjustable velcro strap. This Is great for exercise because it can be secured tightly and comfortably to the wrist, and there is less chance of rubbing or skin irritation. 

They come in a wide range of colours and styles, but lack the style or professionalism you maybe looking for in certain scenarios.


Milanese Loop 

The Milanese Loop is probably one of the most beautiful straps you can buy for the Apple Watch. The design is a slender, meshed stainless steel band which secures via a magnet and is adjustable.  Milanese loops really look the part and for use of a better work, are quite fancy. They catch the light & shimmer, so if you're going out or looking to glam up, a Milanese Loop with rise to the occasion. 

These can be worn for daily use as the magnet is strong, they're not perfect for exercise though and can slip and rub against the skin, so leave this one for when you're going out or dressing up.


Retro Leather

A classic leather strap with beautiful retro features and timeless buckles, the Retro Leather strap is a Strapless original. The Beauty of this strap is that while the genuine leather is soft, it's also durable. This makes the Retro Leather range great for daily wear, formal use or even if you're going out. The Cream and Soft Pink with rose gold buckles are glamorous, and a beautiful option if you're dressing up and heading out. The range has a lot of diversity, meaning you can choose a retro leather strap to match your outfit. 


Jubilee Bracelets 

Jubilee Bracelets take inspiration was classic watch straps featuring individual stainless steel links. They're adjustable via a tool, and look very premium. Similar to the Milanese Loops, they're not great for exercise. However if you're looking for a premium metal strap for daily wear or dressing up with a more traditional feel - the Jubilee Bracelet is the way to go. 

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