5 great features we may see on the Iphone 14

5 great features we may see on the Iphone 14

In just a few months time, Apple will once again release their new range of iPhones. While it doesn’t seem to be a whole redesign but rather just improvements on the iPhone 13 range, here are 5 great new features we expect to see. 

1: Always on Display

Similar to that of our Apple Watches, we expect to see the iPhone 14 Pro models to feature an always-on display. This may work with the new Lock Screen widget feature in iOS 16.  iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max owners will be able to see information like weather, fitness, reminders, calendar events, and more, without having to wake the iPhone's display.

The always-on feature will work similarly to the always-on display on the Apple Watch, and it will also display time, date, and unread notifications - better mark all those unread emails and whatsapp's as read to avid the judgement of friends..

While this may use more power, the new iOS 16 wallpapers will feature a sleep state that will make them darker when the phone is not in use which will reduce energy consumption.  This “Sleep” tint should be available on any wallpaper that the user decides to use, the unactivated iPhone display will show a darker, fainter version of the wallpaper, time, and widgets.


2: No notch on pro models

The rumours and dummy phones suggest that Apple is doing away with the notch for some of the iPhone 14 models, and this will most likely be the pro models. 

Instead of the much loved or hated notch, Apple is going to go with a small cutouts on the display for a more streamlined look.

You can expect to see both a pill-shaped and circular cutout, with the former being used for Face ID and possibly other components like a speaker, while the circular cutout will be for the front camera, resulting in a very slick look. 


3: Car Crash Detection

Apple is planning on introducing a car crash detection feature for not only the iPhone, but Apple Watch as well. 

It will use already used sensors like the accelerometer to detect car accidents by measuring a spike in g-force.

Once a crash has been detected, the device will then automatically dial emergency services to get help. The current Fall Detection feature is similar to this and the crash detection would possibly just be an expansion on that. 


4: Pro Camera Upgrades

Apple have always stated that more megapixels doesn’t always mean better photos, which is true. Apple has stuck with it’s 12MP Cameras for a long time while other manufacturers have gone much further. Well, rumour has it that the iPhone 14 Pro models will features a huge 48MP camera, which will allow Apple to stretch the capabilities of their already amazing camera software. On top of this, it’s reported that 8K Video will also be able to be recorded, which is pretty powerful. 

All iPhone 14 models are expected to receive an upgraded front camera at least which better light and focus capability.


5: Satellite Connectivity

This is pretty cool, but we may not see it just yet. The latest Qualcomm X65 processor to be used enables some satellite connectivity features. Apple plans to implement satellite-based emergency features that will allow users to communicate in emergencies, such as send texts and report major emergencies in areas where there is no cellular coverage.

Emergency Message via Satellite will let users text emergency services and contacts using a satellite network when there is no cellular or WiFi signal available. It’s aimed at being a new communications protocol alongside SMS and iMessage, and it will feature gray message bubbles. Also, a similar feature will allow users report major emergencies like plane crashes and fires using satellite networks. 

Could satellite connectivity be the future of communication? We’ve seen this type of technology put to use by companies like Tesla. 

What features do you most want to see? 

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