6 amazing fashion tips for females to own the summer.

6 amazing fashion tips for females to own the summer.

Before you know it, the sun will be setting later, the weather will be warmer and you’ll be enjoying a cocktail or two (we hope) in the summer sun.  Now is the perfect time to start eyeing out those amazing summer outfits so you’ll also look great while making the most of the amazing SA summer ahead. 

We’ve stolen a few summer fashion trends from stylecaster.com to share with you, so you can share your strap game with your summer game. 


  1. Hot Pink

Right now, they say “the brighter, the better” and you don’t get much brighter than Hot Pink! 

“The shade first rose in popularity when Valentino made it the one and only color on its runway last season and pretty much every celebrity has worn it since! Just when it seemed like pink couldn’t get any hotter, Barbiecore, the nostalgic bimbo fashionista look, resurfaced. Coincidentally (or not so much), photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling decked out in pink on the set of the upcoming Barbie movie were released at the same time. I predict that bright colors will last through the fall but summer is definitely the peak time to wear them”

Now wearing hot pink my not be for everyone and possibly quote daunting! If that’s the case, then consider incorporating neons & bright colours in your accessories to make your entire outfit pop. (we have some straps for that)

  1. Mesh, mesh, mesh. 

In our Hot SA summers, we don’t need much layers at all and often the goal is to stay cool while looking great - sometimes losing layers means we lose details as well, and that is why the Mesh trend is so good. 

Mesh adds texture & dimensions to any look and suits any occasion. Style caster says this ”a mesh dress without a slip is the perfect swimsuit coverup or a mesh tank can be paired with layered jewelry and baggy jeans for an effortlessly cool day look.”  You can pair a crisp white white mesh dress with a contrasting bag, bright shoes and amazing watch strap to complete the look.

  1. Woven Handbags

Woven bags are usually the perfect accessory for the beach, but now brands are downsizing the beach bags to handbags and are perfect for the city, countryside and the pool. “ The material and shape are obviously perfect for summer and are a great way to bring the coastal grandmother vibe to your everyday life.  Pick a colorful iteration or stick with the classic neutral tones” 

  1. Feather

If you’ve got a big party, attending a wedding or feel like dressing up for your daily tasks, feathers are a very fun trend this summer.  A great example is this ASOS, who have a great selection of sparkly feather dresses. I mean, oversizes feather sleeves is the best way to get hundreds of compliments. 

  1. Slip Dresses

Not only sexy, but also very comfortable - slip dresses are perfect for a summer date night or whenever you need something versatile. “Slips work great as LBDs or they can be played up with bright colors or patterns… You can wear them on their own, over a t-shirt or with a blazer or cardigan depending on your date night itinerary.” 

  1. The body chain

This one maybe out of your comfort zone, but it will take your look to another level. “ Body chains look great with a bikini, a crop top or layered over baggy jeans in the summer—if you need further inspo, Hailey Bieber’s entire Instagram page is basically a body chain fan account”

This one is just for for summer, so it’s definitely a trend to try before fall comes around.

Now just pair this outfits with your favourite Strapless Apple Watch straps, and the summer is yours for the taking. 



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