Apple Watch Series 8 to feature bigger screen size

Apple Watch Series 8 to feature bigger screen size

With October just around the corner, the rumours have started in relation to new Apple products that will be released, including the Apple Watch Series 8. 

They say ( they always say) this will be the most important upgrade we've seen on the Apple Watches for years. 

It is rumoured that Apple will offer a bigger screen size than the current 45mm, and release the new Apple Watch in three screen sizes. Analysts, such as Ross Young, have mentioned that the new, bigger display size will be 1.99" - Roughly 50mm. 

This means we could see Apple release new 41mm, 45mm & 50mm versions of the Series 8. This isn't confirmed, and the bigger screen size could also have something to do with the an "extreme sports" version of the Apple Watch which will be more durable. said this " the rugged Apple Watch will feature 'a strong metal material rather than aluminum,' and 'have a more shatter-resistant screen.' This would make the Apple Watch a better outdoor sports wearable than before. 

In fact, a tougher build combined with a bigger screen could make for the Apple Watch many outdoor sports enthusiasts have been waiting for. Though the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch for most people, some athletes may appreciate larger screens for reviewing fitness-tracking data at a glance. A bigger display would make following a GPS or scanning an area map easier, too.

Meanwhile, a longer battery life would solve one of the Apple Watch's longtime setbacks — normally, when you track long workouts to close your Apple Watch rings, it cuts into your watch's stamina. With a bigger battery capacity that lasts longer, the Apple Watch could possibly track long hikes or even multi-day adventures, like some of the best Garmin watches. "

The bigger 50mm screen size doesn't mean a much bigger watch, as we know Apple are good at increasing screen size while reducing the size of the edges around the device. 

 Also rumoured to feature is body-temperature detection. This feature  won’t give a specific reading—like with a forehead thermometer—but it should be able to tell if it believes you have a fever. 

Are you excited about the new Apple Watch Series 8? And will you be upgrading to a bigger screen size? Let us know in the comments. 

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