5 Reasons You Should Own Nylon Sport Loop

With many different strap styles available for your Apple Watch, it can be difficult to decide which one to go for. Today, we're going to be looking at the benefits of the Nylon sport loop to help you decide if this strap is right for you. 

Now first things first, if you love bright colors then the chances are you'll find the right nylon sports loop for you. The range of sport loops comes in a huge amount of bright and funky colors, which some subtle tones as well if you like to be a little more understated.  That being said, let's jump into the benefits! 

1. Lightweight

Due to the Nylon sport loops being manufactured out of soft woven nylon, they are very light. Some people may not enjoy this, but if you're having a very active day or pushing a hard workout, you'll be thankful for the lightweight strap as it will feel much more comfortable. 


2. Adjustable & Strong

The Nylon loop uses a simple hook-and-loop fastener which makes it adjustable for different wrist sizes and placements. These bands securely fasten using velcro, which means no matter the workout or intensity, it will stay safe & connected on your wrist.


3. Water resistant and workout friendly 

There's nothing worse than sweating on your watch band right? Especially if the strap doesn't absorb moisture, before you know it the watch is slipping and irritation can occur.  Nylon loops are manufactured using a double layer of the nylon weave which is soft on the skin side while allowing moisture to escape. Leaving you to be comfortable no matter how hard you train.  


4. Wide range of colors, easy to swap. 

Nylon sport loops come in a huge range of colors and styles to suit everyone's preference. From bright and colourful to black & subtle tones, you'll find a nylon sport loop you love. To celebrate the olympics, Apple released sport loops for each nation, featuring the colors of their flag on different parts of the loop! 

Nylon sport loops are also very cost effective, meaning you can own a few without breaking the bank! As you know if you own an Apple Watch, it takes less than a minute to change a band, so you can swap out your nylon loops when ever you feel like it! 


 5. They're effortless. 

Yes, the Nylon sport loops are effortless straps! What do we mean by that? Well, they are hassle free and have a set it and forget approach. You simply strap it to your wrist and get on with your day. Now while you may think that can be said for most Apple Watch straps, other straps after a long period of time will need adjusting or they may rub against your skin. With the nylon sport loop there is none of this hassle! 


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